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Why PR

Public relations is a vast and oft misunderstood subject. Public relations is often considered as a substitute for marketing and other types of promotion that a corporate/ SMB may undertake. PR is also confused with planting stories in different media.

We at PrachaR believe that PR is a form of communications, of promotion that can be used to subtly and credibly enhance the reputation of a corporate/ brand thereby leading to, over a period of time, tangible & intangible business benefits. PR is most visibly used in crisis management situations to prevent untoward & extreme damage to corporate & brand image. PR is an effective tool to reach out to a wide & disparate set of stakeholders in a credible, direct yet un-obtrusive manner. Of late, PR has also encompassed exotic areas like corporate social responsibility and community relations, often to ensure consistent & pertinent communication to all stakeholders much of who are the common citizens who, in many ways, directly or indirectly contribute to the corporates success.

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PrachaR PR

PrachaR’s PR practice offers you the widest bouquet of PR services. We have a national footprint and specialize in public relations activities in select verticals of focus. We have been associated with leaders in these verticals & have built a deep understanding of these industries. We also have a full suite of a-la-carte PR services.