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"Content is King." This saying is the nowhere more relevant as it is in your communications with stake holders. However, developing content to address a company’s needs is no mean task. Not only does one require a lot of specialized content to meet different requirements (brochures, web sites, mailers etc.) but one also needs to make sure that the content is appropriately tailored to meet the company and industry specifications in addition to clearly communicating the company’s core message to all stakeholders.

In the case of the internet, content creation has an additional dimension added. Creating content and a web site structure that enhances the “attractiveness” of the site to search engines is of key importance. In many industries, the importance of this borders on the verge of being critical.

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Borne out of the fact that we primarily work in industries of focus, our understanding of the client, the industry they operate it & finally, the competition is of critical import in creating a variety of content to meet the customer’s needs. We not only have our in house content creation team but also a panel of content creation experts for every industry we operate in. Apart from this we also have a panel of content creation experts for other industries/ general needs. This may range from website creation, online PR to SEO and SEM and more contemporary forms of online marketing and promotions.